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Create Chrome extension with ChatGPT - With zero coding skills!

A few months ago, I came across a post on Linkedin where someone had tried to create a basic chrome extension with ChatGPT. I remember when I was working on SEO, I would analyse the content structure of various competitor websites and then tried to include content on the topics that overlapped the most.

I usually took the help of a few extensions to achieve this. But now seeing the potential of ChatGPT, I wanted to do this on my own. So I asked it!

It asked me for more information on the chrome version and the specifics involved in creating this extension. And once I gave it...


It spit out the entire code to create the extension and also helped me understand what each file does. Once I did everything it asked me to I installed the extension in chrome and.....

Nope it didn't work as expected. The extension threw an error. But I went back and asked about it.

(It knew that it did not close the for loop!)

It then gave me the correct code and the extension worked as expected!

But I wanted to make a few tweaks and make it more usable...

Andddd...Viola! It worked! Now I can copy all the headings in a page and paste it into excel with a single click!

Time taken to create the extension: Approximately 1hr

You know what the best part is? You don't need the ChatGPT Plus subscription to do this!

I would highly encourage everyone to start experimenting with ChatGPT in your free time and create mini projects like these to understand it's potential.

There's no point in getting scared. We need to adapt now!

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