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5 ChatGPT extensions no one will tell you about + Bonus Tool

By now, I’m sure you would’ve experimented a lot with ChatGPT for your personal and work needs. But are you sure you’re using it effectively? Now I’ve been doing a lot of research on ChatGPT for a while now. During this time, I found a few beneficial tools that I thought you should know to help you use the tool more effectively.

This ChatGPT Chrome extension writes entire emails for you! Yes, you heard it right. Install the extension and open any of your email apps. Click Reply on any opened mail and then, on the ChatGPT Writer icon. It’ll ask you what answer you want to give to any email. Type in the prompt and click generate a reply. Without spending minutes on how to frame a reply, you can generate one and send it right away.

This extension lets you skip the fluff and get the information that you really need from a YouTube video. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect right now, cause it still misses most of the valuable information, but you can still use it to get a preview of the video.

I think it works amazingly on any length of video you want to see on YouTube. Definitely, a must-try!

This extension gives you the answer without you having to visit every single website on your search page. It can also handle simple queries to the most complicated ones. It's definitely made my work a lot easier!

This ChatGPT extension helps you detect if the blog or any piece of content that you're reading is AI-generated or human-made. So next time you have doubts about the content you can use this to find the truth.

Superpower for ChatGPT makes managing your chats easier than ever before. Local sync and search history functionality enables quick access to previous conversations, while creating folders, assigning colors, and reordering chats facilitate an organized and neat system.

You can also customize the sidebar to suit your preferences, with the option to minimize it for more space.

Bonus Tool: FlowGPT

The effectiveness of any answer you get on ChatGPT depends on the prompts you give the tool. If you're wondering how to make full use of this tool, Flowgpt is a website that can help you with the prompts to get you the best results. Simply copy and paste the prompt from the website, customize it according to your needs, and continue the conversation from there.

Have you come across any such ChatGPT extensions recently? Comment below.

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