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3 essential skills to become an unstoppable marketer

As a marketer, you know the industry is continually changing. So there’s always something new to learn.

And companies today are trying their best to retain the best talents, because they know that talent is their 'scarcest form of capital'.

So here are 3 major skills (apart from the ones you find on Google) that will take your marketing game to new heights!

1. Behavioral Science

It all starts with understanding people! Cognitive biases affect the decisions that people make. So it's important to understand exactly how this works so that we can influence potential customers. Learning psychology has definitely made me a better marketer, and I recommend everyone to get started on it as early as possible. As a Kwerks subscriber, I would say you’re already on the right track here 😉. If you're not, try clicking the "Subscribe" button on the top right corner. Go on try it. :)

2. Marketing Design knowledge (UI/UX)

You don’t have to become a professional graphic designer. But having a basic knowledge of graphic design will help you communicate clearly what you want from designers, and will also be able to help give better feedback. Designers are humans too! And learning design has made me more empathetic toward them. Now I know how hard it is to understand our expectations and fulfill them.😅

3. Basic coding knowledge (HTML & CSS)

Again, not expecting you to become an expert here as well. But learning the basics of web development can save a lot of time when quick fixes are needed. You don’t have to build anything from scratch. Just the ability to understand web design and be able to create a functioning webpage at least by using a drag-and-drop builder goes a long way.

Agree? What other skills do you think a marketer should have today?

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